Helping you access your data,

helping you safeguard your data security

At Tonic, we're passionate about one thing: making it easy for organizations to effectively use their data while doing right by their customers, employees, and business partners.

That's why we're building tools to help people create synthetic data that looks, feels, and acts like their real data, without compromising security, privacy, or regulatory compliance.

Our Founding Team

Ian Coe

For over a decade, Ian has worked to advance the use of data by removing barriers impeding teams from answering their most important questions. As an early member of the commercial division at Palantir Technologies, he led teams solving data problems in industries ranging from financial services to the media. At Tableau, he continued to focus on analytics, driving the vision around statistics and the calculation language. As a founder of Tonic, Ian is directing his energies toward synthetic data generation to break down traditional data silos, protect customer privacy, and drive analytic efficiency.

Karl Hanson

Throughout his career in data analytics, Karl has been inspired by the impact of hard work and powerful tooling. At Palantir, he was integral to the commercial leadership team, heading several of their early commercial enterprise engagements. As Head of Deployments at Segovia, he helped NGOs reach people in need in some of the most remote parts of the world. His vision in founding Tonic is to promote that win-win philosophy across all industries by advocating for the privacy of individuals while enabling companies to do their best work.

Adam Kamor

Since completing his PhD in Physics at Georgia Tech, Adam has committed himself to furthering the work of others through the programs he develops. At Microsoft and Kabbage, he handled UI design and determined new features to anticipate customer needs. At Tableau, he developed the platform’s analytics/calculation engine. He also founded IOT Pipe, an open source project for connecting devices to the web. The obstacles he encountered in working with data as a developer motivate him to deliver a solution that will transform the work of fellow developers, analysts, and program users alike.

Andrew Colombi

Upon completing his PhD in Computer Science and Astrodynamics at UIUC in 2008, Andrew joined Palantir, leading the team of engineers that launched the company into the commercial sector. Later he began Palantir’s Foundry product, growing it into a keystone of the company’s offering. His extensive work in analytics across a full spectrum of industries gives him an in-depth understanding of the complex realities captured in data. He is building Tonic’s platform to reverse engineer data that parallels those realities and supply development teams with the resource-saving tools they most need.

We have more than 35 years of combined experience in the data analytics space. We come from companies like Microsoft, Palantir, and Tableau. We know a thing or two about the challenges standing in the way of effective, responsible data use, and we want to help people overcome those challenges.

We are backed by Bloomberg Beta, Xfund and Heavybit.