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The best things in life are free, including this CSV generation tool

Have you ever had a CSV that needed to be anonymized? Or dataset that you wished was bigger? Then we have the tool for you!

To anonymize your data, just upload your CSV and choose from convenient masking options under the column headers. If you’re uncomfortable uploading your CSV, give us a shout; but for now enjoy the free tool :-)

For example, if you have a column called name, click on the triangle to the right of the column heading and select our name generator. You can do the same for other types of data.

To expand your data for scale testing or any other larger data use case, just select “Synthesize” from the Mode drop down and choose suitable generators for each column. It’s the same process as anonymizing, but you have to select a generator for each column. We recommend you try out the Categorical, linked Categorical, Gaussian and Character Scramble for synthesis mode.

If you’d like to do this on a database or have this done automatically on your data, give us a shout: Subscribe to our mailing list above, or click the chat bubble below.

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