The data your business needs, minus the privacy risks it doesn't.

Tonic is a synthetic data generator with a single goal in mind: allowing you to make full use of your data, in full respect of your customers, partners, and the law. Use it to scrub PII, scale data to any size, or de-identify sensitive fields.

Make data available to your whole business, without compromising on compliance, privacy, or security.

How Tonic generates quality data

Tonic uses pre-trained models and feature extraction to generate synthetic data that is based on your data. It preserves all the characteristics that makes your data unique to you—constraints, statistical correlations, distributions, interdependencies and more.

Using synthetic data generated by Tonic will feel just like your production data.


Tonic features an easy-to-use UI. Mask, anonymize, obscure, or generate brand new data, all at the click of a mouse.

Built-in Statistics

Do more than just scramble numbers around. Apply statistical distributions to generate numbers that feel real, linking related fields, like Salary and Bonuses, to modify them in tandem.

Set it and...

Tonic batch-processes any updates to your production data automatically, so your synthetic data will always feel current.

Start today, wherever your data is

There are many ways to use Tonic. Have a one-off data set you need cleaned? Don't want to manage Tonic in-house? Tonic is hosted, managed, and updated by us.

Have super sensitive data? Deploy Tonic on-premises, within your own firewall, so that your data never leaves its source. Whatever works for you.