Demo data sets, custom made for you

If you want your software to shine, you need some quality demo data. You could use your own, but you know that might be a bad idea (Privacy! Regulations!). There’s a lot of sample data out there, but most of it is boring, and it’s not going to make your software look very powerful—just imagine a sales tool that doesn’t show any trends, or an IT security product that simply shows that all devices are secure.

You want data that will help you tell a story. Let us help you by building custom demo data sets, powered by Tonic’s synthetic data platform.

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Top-notch presentations and demos

The most convincing software presentations also have the most realistic data. There’s a catch-22 though: Use real customer data, and now you have a ton of privacy risks; Use completely fake data, and people might not pay any attention. Let us help you create realistic data that also respects customer privacy by either creating data from scratch, or modifying your data to obscure or remove PII altogether. Either way, your overall story can stay the same, and only the details have to change.

Data augmentation and hidden conclusions

Got a great sample data set, but it just doesn’t make your product look that impressive? Maybe the data needs more fields, more rows, or just more conclusions to discover. We can help you scale your data in size and complexity, without changing any of the qualities that make it already great. So whether you’re demonstrating scalability, the ability to detect trends and outliers, or how to keep business infrastructure secure, let us help you build a data set that showcases all the features of your product.

Software trials

Have a product you want prospects to take for a spin, and want to make sure there’s interesting data to go along with it? We can work with you to create custom sample data sets to bundle with your product that are rich and robust enough to tell any number of stories, in any industry or use case. You can rest easy, knowing your future customers will get to experience the power of what your software can actually do.