Synthetic Data for Development Teams

Tonic helps development teams build quality software by giving them access to production-like data without the risks associated with using the real deal. Whether that means realistic staging data, de-identified customer data, or data scaled up by 1000, Tonic makes it easy for developers to move fast while doing right by their customers.

Develop with quality data

Building quality software without bugs requires quality data. Too often, this means development teams rely on using production data, putting customer information at risk, settle for working with overly simplistic test data, or eat up valuable time building one-off tools of their own.

Leave risky, costly workarounds behind with synthetic data, and let your developers get back to doing what they do best—develop.

Are you compliant with

The world is scrutinizing data usage more than ever. This is a good thing for customers, even if it might seem like more work for developers at first glance. Using synthetic data makes it easy to be compliant with data regulations both old and new.

Speaking of compliance, are you ready for California’s CCPA?

Overseas development teams?

Give all your developers—even the ones a continent away—access to quality synthetic data, based on your real data, without having to give them access to production.​

This way, everyone is on the same page and working with the same set of tools.