Synthetic Data for Sales and Business Development

Tonic helps organizations create shareable data sets across organizations to help the whole business close their deals. Whether that means realistic data for powerful product demos, or de-identified data for proof-of-concept partnerships, Tonic makes it easy for everyone to use the data they have and help the business grow.

Make your product shine

Product demos can be hard, especially if you need good data to build the demo. You usually can’t use the prospect’s data, and you definitely don’t want to use your own.

Use synthetic data—data that’s based on your real data, so it feels real and really shows off what your product can do. All while keeping your private business data, private.

POCs in days, not weeks

One of the common bottlenecks to building partnerships is data—both parties need good data to show how the two can work together, without showing off their private data.

Tonic can make that part easy. Mask, de-identify, or scramble your sensitive data, so you can worry about potential partnerships, and not privacy and compliance.

Data for everyone

Data is one of the most powerful assets in your business. It can also one of the biggest liabilities, if people aren’t careful with it.

Use Tonic to create synthetic data that everyone in your business can use without worrying about privacy, security, or compliance. Instead, they’ll focus on closing deals and making happy customers.