Find bugs faster with better test data

Tonic generates quality test data that looks, feels, and acts like your production data, without any of the scripting, maintenance, or privacy risks.

Let your business actually use its data, while doing right by your customers, employees, and business partners.

Also check out our free tools: Tonic CSV and Tonic Document Masker.

Who needs Tonic?

  • Develop locally with quality, representative data that's a only a fraction of the size
  • Focus on developing features, not on generating data for staging environments
  • Less regulatory risk. Synthetic data generated by Tonic contains no sensitive customer data.
Testing / QA
  • Test, discover, and fix bugs sooner with quality, representative synthetic data
  • Scale and test at 10x or 1000x with data that mimics real world incidents
  • Expand your testing to include low-side, less-secure environments
Tonic allows you to work with quality data, without the risk
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Why Tonic?

Quality Data
Tonic generates quality data that's based on your production data, right down to the structure, distributions, interdependencies, and statistical correlations of your original data set.
Save Time
Generating data takes time, fancy scripts, and in-house tools. Tonic can do it for you in a mouse click, and it's built on modern data algorithms and machine learning techniques.
Reduce Risk
Using production data for development and testing is full of risk. Don't gamble around. Tonic makes it easy to identify and anonymize PII elements.